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(ZZS 004) Nastrond "Celebration of the Four" in Cd Digipack Edition (Sold Out) Available only for High Quality Digital Download!

by Zazen Sounds



Celebration of the Four

The Four is the quintessence of what we are made of. It is the Fire that is the origin of life in its meeting with Water (ice). These elements are the beginning. For our forefathers these elements became fundamental in the creation of Cosmos.

Hvergelmir, a cauldron supplied water to twelve rivers. When the water flowed torrentially into Ginnungagap, they became a frigid void, forming great blocks of ice. The fiery realm of Muspellheim was guarded by the giant Surt, who was armed with a burning sword. From Muspellheim embers from it floated down into Ginnungagap. These dropped onto piles of ice, and clouds of steam arose. Steam turned into rim, which filled up Ginnungagap.

In the meeting of a never ending gales and drizzle of cold rain with the glowing embers that lit up the sky (in the meeting with the ascending rime) was the Giant Ymir born. The thawing of rime also created the cow Audhumbla, from which Ymir was able to gain sustenance. Ymir would later become the world in which both man and gods live in. He would be both Earth and Sky. This story of creation shows how deeply rooted the aspects of the elements were in the experience of reality and Nature.

The four aspects of Nature are visible in both its creative and destructive forms. The Sun is the most evident as a fiery source. In its positive aspect it holds the power of growth of giving plants life, and giving warmth. In its destructive form it burns, cause drought, destroys by flames the living flesh. Water holds the same creative aspects as nothing could live without it. Still water overflow, drown and freeze. It could swallow us in its dark depths. Earth is the soil that makes the roots grow strong. It is where our family is set to life from its gifts. The earth may shake and break. It will make us one with it as we die and are eaten by the servants of the Earth. Air is needed to breath, but it could contain poison gases and tear a society apart through wind and storm. The Four are both the reason for life, but also the container of destructive forces that could not be fought against.

There also exists a Fifth element, which is spirit, Nameless One. This is a non-materialistic element that stands as the challenge of our lives. Compiled within this ritual becomes the Four, creating the Fifth.

Nåstrond recorded the four tracks of the album The Celebration of the Four together with Age of Fire in the year 1996. The album was never released. Later it was remixed by Karl (Draugr) in late 1990:s, and then added a fifth track holding the aspect of the spirit. A final version was released in 2004 but only as a limited edition and only toward the dedicated of the cult. This is the first official release.

The celebration of Fire, draws the listener into the fiery chambers of machine noises, electricity and the chanting of Bon. It contains the aggression of the Lord of Fire. His voice flows in the electrical charges.


released February 8, 2016



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