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(ZZS 001) Akhlys - Supplication Digipack Cd Edition​(​Sold Out​)​Available only for High Quality Digital Download!

by Zazen Sounds



From Naas Alcameth of Nightbringer and Temple of Not”
“Supplication” is a methodical 37 minute black ambient continuum
thematically based upon lucid dream states and communion with the dead.
“Supplication” contains vocals, chants and incantations
layered over an aura of oppression and darkness.
was originally recorded and released in 2009 by Starlight Temple
Society in a limited run of 100 CD-Rs in
custom packaging. The long sold out album
has been remixed and remastered and is available once again
for First time in Professional Compact disk edition"


released October 15, 2015

In Conspiracy with Neuropa Records.



all rights reserved


Zazen Sounds Greece

Zazen Sounds is a Womb Created by Acherontas V.Priest, dedicated to the Dark Experimental Art, Ritualistic Expressions, Dark Ambient & Drone Vibrations.
A Lodge Dedicated to Serve the Spiritual Background of the Art of Music.

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Track Name: ''Supplication'' Part I
"Life is a dream forgotten in the slumber of death."
Track Name: ''Supplication'' Part II
"The day of time was darkening to its end: The sun hung chill within the blackened noon, Its splendors one with night. Form planets doomed The wail of death to empty silence rose. The stars were faint against the glooming vast, Like wavering lights upon a windy plain That one by one go out, and even as these, The eternal suns expired, and left a void - A huge black Nirvana of the skies - A visible Oblivion. Then came down The darkness and the silence on all things, The worlds that eddy like wind-driven leaves Within the airless deep, and souls of men, And on all Life. The universe was night, And this strange, troubled dream of Time and Place A still vacuity. These things I knew, When, lo! beneath my feet the steadfast earth Grew nothingness, and down the gulf I fell, And with the darkness and the silence merged."
A Dream of Oblivion- Clark Ashton Smith